Tampere Central Square 14.-16.6.2013

Skyrace is a new mixture of ultimate speed and extreme sports. Competitors fly across the sky of Tampere using their wingsuits and after finishing race track in the sky they land. The audience has an unique opportunity to participate in the event through big screens showing video footage as they can also look above and see the pilots doing amazing stunts.

Skyrace 2013 has been completed!

Skyrace was launched with the Rock The Sky -music night!

Winner of the Skyrace 2013 is PÄIVI LAMMI!

Congratulations to winner!

Wingsuit pilots were lifted into to the sky by SkyXperience.

You can also skydive by attending to a skydiving course or doing the tandem jump:

Päivi got Birdman Aviator watch and Skyrace cup as a prize.

Top three:

1. Päivi Lammi
2. Vesa Toropainen
3. Harri Perätalo

Unfortunately high winds delayed the competition.

For safety reasons the skyrace track was not over Tampere city, instead it was over Pirkkala airport due the difficult winds.

Special thanks to all the sponsors, partners, voluntary workers, competitors, audience and Tampere authorities!

DJ Flobe was playing for the audience at the Tampere City Square. Other music was played by Radio City.

Awesome screen to square offered Planex.

During Skyrace there was also another competition going on – Alternative Exit. This competition was finished at the end of August 2013.

This was competition were the funniest, the mos unusual, craziest or another way to put it – the most alternative jump was being awarded. Prizes for this competition are 2 GoPro 3 Black cameras.

Alternative Exit competition video is published here:

You really don’t want miss these jumps ;)